What happens if my battery dies?

The expected lifespan of a Riide battery is 2-4 years (the cells in a lithium-ion battery degrade with time and use). The Riide 1 battery is warrantied to last up to 2 years. Most of our riiders have had their batteries last for for 3 or 4+ years but a small subset have had their batteries die sooner. Especially damaging to a battery is if it goes longer than a month without being charged or used.

If your battery is over 2 years old, or if you have stored it for over a month without charging the battery, and it is not holding a charge, you likely need a battery replacement. 

Here are your options:  

1 - Replace the battery

We offer battery upgrades for $299* + $99 for a new charger. The battery must be replaced in our DC warehouse (the upgrade requires changing the wire harnessing in your bike to accommodate our updated battery design). If you need to ship your bike we can help arrange, and we will cover return shipping. Shipping is generally $40-70 depending on where you live.

We are currently out of stock of Riide 1 batteries. Unfortunately our supplier has discontinued the pack and now we have to find a new supplier, which is challenging due to the relatively low quantity of packs we need and the unique shape of our down tube. This is a priority as it is critical to our business model that Riide bikes stay on the road for a long time. We expect to have battery upgrades available by spring 2020. 

*Battery cost subject to change depending on the cost to us. We do not profit on battery upgrades and charge you only what it costs us to get the pack here and in your bike. 


2 - Trade in your bike

Riide 2 is here! Get 6 months off when you trade in your Riide 1. We will accept your Riide 1 trade-in even if it has a dead battery. See details and reserve your Riide 2 here



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