My brakes are making noise, how do I make it stop?

Noisy brakes are frustrating but easily fixable. There are 4 commons causes for noisy brakes:

  1. The bike is brand new and the brakes need to be bedded in
  2. The rotor or brake pads are contaminated (ie. grease, oils, soap)
  3. The rotor is bent
  4. The calipers need to be adjusted

For a full explanation of each issue and how to fix it check out the articles linked in the "Resources" section below. 

Working brakes are extremely important for safe riiding. If you are uncomfortable or unclear on any of the information presented, it's best to bring you bike to a qualified bike mechanic. If you need help finding a qualified bike mechanic near you or have any other questions regarding the operation and maintenance of your brakes, give us a call at 877.775.2108 or send us a note at



How to Bed in Disc Brake Pads by BikeRadar

Avid Disc Brake Adjustment by Park Tool


About Park Tool

Park Tool is one of the leading manufacturers of bike specific tools. In addition to making great tools they have a great website devoted to bike maintenance and repair.

About Bike Radar

BikeRadar is one of the most popular bicycle blogs on the internet. At Riide we check in everyday for the latest on what's happening in the bike world.


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