How do I make sure my chain is running smoothly?

A properly running chain is essential to a high performing bike. The three most important things to remember about your chain are that it should be:

  1. Clean
  2. Lubricated
  3. Properly tensioned

Keep your chain healthy by regularly wiping and lubing the chain every couple weeks. During this process you can also check for bad chain links that are seized or coming apart. If this happens, consult your local qualified bicycle mechanic. This practice will keep you safe, and lengthen the life of your drivetrain. We use Finish Line WET Lube on our bikes. You can get your own at or at your local bike shop.

To keep your chain properly tensioned check out the article below in the "Resources" section.

If you are uncomfortable or unclear on any of the information presented, it's best to bring you bike to a qualified bike mechanic. If you need help finding a qualified bike mechanic near you or have any other questions regarding the operation and maintenance of your chain, give us a call at 877.775.2108 or send us a note at



How to Maintain Proper Chain Tension by Park Tool


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