Tips for storing your bike

For even the most avid riider, there comes a time where it's necessary to park the bike for an extended stay. Whether it's travel, an injury or sickness, or the winter months have you opting for a warmer way to get around, here are some tips that will keep your bike happy and healthy while you're away. 

Tips for healthy bike storage: 

  • Store your bike in temperate conditions, as extreme temperatures can be damaging to the lithium ion battery. 
  • Avoid storing or charging in temperatures below 14°F / -10°C or above 113°F / 45°C. 
  • Store your battery with some charge. Ideally at about half charge, but definitely not fully discharged. 
  • Give your bike a full charge at least once every 30 days. 
  • Cycle the battery if possible. Is there someone else that can take your bike for a riide while you're gone? 
  • Store in a secure location. We recommend locking the bike even if stored indoors as bike thefts from garages/yards and other seemingly secure locations are relatively common. 
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