Step 2: secure handlebars

Follow the steps below to attach and secure your handlebars. 

  • Insert handlebar between the stem bolt and stem faceplate.

  • Using markings on the front of the handlebar to center it, adjust the angle of the handlebar to desired position.

  • Using the 4mm hex wrench, tighten the stem faceplate by adjusting the bolts to 6Nm. Do not over-tighten or damage can occur to bar stem. See the owner's manual for more information. 

  • Pro tip: When tightening the stem faceplate, x bolts following a diagonal pattern and turning 1/4-1/2 around at a time. This method will tighten the bolts evenly and reduce the chance of damage to the handlebar or stem.

Omar will demonstrate how it's done in the video below: 

Next, we'll flip the bike over and attach the front wheel! 

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